Interrail and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Due to Covid-19, Interrail travel is currently not possible. Let me explain what happens when you had to interrupted your trip. How you can get a ticket refund. And how you should plan an Interrail journey in the future. This information refers to purchases via But other shops are also extremely welcoming concerning refunds.

You had to interrupt your Interrail trip because of Covid-19

Borders have been closed and international train connections have been interrupted. If you started your journey before 20 March 2020 (first day of validity of your ticket), you can obtain a new Interrail Pass under the following conditions

  • for 3- or 4-day tickets: if you have only used 2 or less travel days, your Interrail ticket will be completely replaced and you will get a new one
  • for all other tickets: if you have used 4 or less travel days, it will also be replaced and you will get a new one.

No hurry: you have until 1 May 2021 to request this replacement. Contact Interrail as soon as you know your new travel dates.

Important: please keep your Interrail ticket, you will need it when you exchange it!

You have bought your Interrail ticket, but cannot travel because of the Coronavirus

If you are unable to start your Interrail journey due to Covid-19 (which is currently the case), you can get a refund or exchange your ticket for other travel dates.

Conditions: your purchase must have taken place between 01 June 2019 and 01 April 2020. And you have not yet travelled with it.

You have until 01 May 2021 to request this exchange.

Cancel your Interrail ticket

Here the normal cancellation conditions apply to you, but with extended options:

  • if you have bought an Interrail Pass (full price, no discount) between 01 June 2019 and 01 April 2020, you will receive a 100% refund. Normally you will only receive 85% of your purchase price and 15% will be withheld as an expense allowance.
  • if you bought your Interrail ticket via a promo campaign, you will receive 85% of the purchase price back. Normally you cannot get these tickets refunded.

Plan your Interrail journey and buy your ticket

At the moment it is not foreseeable how things will continue and how long borders will remain closed. So I recommend that you just wait. Buy your new Interrail ticket at short notice. The delivery is quite fast in a few days, so you can relax and order a week before the start of your journey.

4 thoughts on “Interrail and Coronavirus (Covid-19)”

    1. Peter Freisberg

      Hi J.K.
      Contact always the place where you bought it, therefore ask at the station where you got your Interrail Pass from.
      Ask for their refund conditions – best is to print out this page and have it with you.
      Peter 🙂

  1. Peter Freisberg

    Hello Emil.
    Currently every country in Europe has its own rules how to behave due to Corona.
    In the meantime there are many scientists who explain why Covid-19 is not as dangerous as some media and especially politicians do. Behind it all there is probably a lot of industry that can make money, politicians who are mostly older and male (risk group). And finally, “fear” can also be used to pursue a certain form of politics. Not to preserve the freedom of the people.
    Therefore I hope that reason and good science will prevail.
    About a date: Sweden is possible to visit. Austria opens its hotels end of May. Others will follow. Every human should be a ble to calculate its own risk on honest facts – and not always trust what is written in newspapers and told by politicians who often just want to preserve their jobs.
    Peter 🙂

  2. Hi Peter.
    Any idea when Corona is over ? when is rail travel possible again in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland?
    thanks, Emil

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