First time Interrail. An information guide for Interrail beginners

If you travel first time by Interrail, Interrail might look a bit complicate. But it is not. It just needs a little bit of explanation which we give you here by our step by step guide.

Where do you want to go ?

This is the base for you Interrail trip. Do you want to visit the capitals of Europe or do you prefer pure nature. Maybe a mix of everything ? Get some ideas from our Interrail travel routes examples or read in the forum.

How much time do you have for your Interrail trip ?

We recommend at least two weeks for your Interrail journey. But Interrail is flexible and everyone will find the perfect fitting Interrail ticket. If you want to travel in only one country, have a look a the Interrail One Country Passes. If you prefer to visit several countries, go for an Interrail Global Pass.

Plan your exact route

Make a rough plan of your route. Of course Interrail is flexible, that’s the main idea of Interrail. But it is helpful to have a plan. Search for night trains you could use. Find scenic routes. Check timetables and train connections.

What about train reservations ?

Some trains require an extra reservation, such as high-speed-trains and night trains. But there are in most cases alternative connections available, saving you a lot of money. Check the train types for reservations or ask in our forum.

Night trains

Night trains are a great experience and offer you the option to travel over night and save travel time and the costs for a hotel or hostel. They offer as cheapest option simple seats. Couchettes usually have four to six beds in one compartment. Or if you wan to have it more comfortable, think about sleepers, which sometimes even offer a private shower and WC. Everything you need to know about night trains is explained here.


After you have planed your route, think about your accommodation. It is no need to book everything in advance, but you should already have a look on it to get an impression about the prices. We recommend you and Hostelworld.

Recommendations for your trip

Search for recommendations of other Interrail travellers for restaurants, sightseeing, accommodation, bars and nice places in the database.

Interrail travel partner

If you do not want to travel alone, search for a travel partner. You will often meet other travellers during your trip in hostels, but it is nice to get in contact to other Interrailers already before you start.

Do you need help ?

Don’t hesitate to ask other Interrail travellers in the forum. There you get friendly help to all questions you have. Just ask! 🙂

Where to buy Interrail ?

Get an overview of online shops where you to buy your Interrail pass.

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Interrail Global Pass

What is the Interrail Global Pass. Get an overview of the rail pass to travel up to 30 countries in Europe.

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Interrail One Country Pass ?

Travel single countries with the Interrail One Country Pass. We explain you all details you need to know.

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Need help ?

Ask your questions in the forum. Friendly Interrail experts will help you! 🙂

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