Where to buy your Interrail Pass ?

As long as you buy your Interrail pass at an official reseller, it doesn’t matters where. In all online shops the Interrail package includes the same: the Interrail pass itself, the Interrail guide and the Interrail map. The only differences are the shipping fees, the shipping time and most important: the service.

Bellow we give you and overview of Interrail shopping options with more details.

What is included in an Interrail package ?

In an Interrail package you get with your purchase, you will find three things (see photos bellow):

– the ticket itself with attached travel journey sheet
– the Interrail guide, which is a little brochure to have with you on your rail trip, explaining some basics
– the Interrail map: an overview map of the main routes in Europe

The guide and map is available in several languages.

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