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On some Interrail routes you need a seat reservation. The same applies to night trains. There is often an option to avoid trains that require reservations. It may look tiring at first, but once you’ve read through the following examples, the fog will lift.

Here’s how I recommend you check a route:

  1. Search for a train connection in a timetable tool.
    You can do this in the Interrail app, for example. It will show you whether there is a train that requires a reservation on your desired connection.
    The Deutsche Bahn timetable information in combination with the information on train types on is also good. However, a little experience is useful here.
  2. If you see trains that require reservations, you can use the Deutsche Bahn tool to try to create a different route. Search for stages – not the entire route. By deselecting train types and adding detours.
  3. Buy seat reservations: many reservations can be bought directly in the Interrail app. Or follow the instructions on, as the railway companies often sell reservations directly.

Important: don’t despair. There are always options you might not see at first glance, but that’s what I’m here for. Let’s now go through a few examples.

Interrail Nerd


Hello, I am Fred. The specialist for Interrail routes. I’ll tell you how to travel light on key routes. Avoid extra costs. Precisely worked out. That’s why they call me the Interrail Nerd.

Amsterdam to Paris

On the train route from Amsterdam to Paris, you can travel very quickly with the direct Thalys train. However, seat reservations cost upwards of 20 euros. Intercity regional trains are free of charge, but the journey time is twice as long.


By direct Thalys train

Amsterdam dep 09:15
Paris arr 12:39


WITHOUT seat reservation

Amsterdam dep 10:28
Antwerpen arr 12:16

Antwerpen dep 12:25
Charleroi Sud arr 14:06

Charelroi Sud dep 14:35
Maubeuge arr 15:23

Maubeuge dep 15:42
Paris Nord arr 17:41


Obligation to reserve:
YES on the fast connection.

Train type with reservation obligation:

Buy reservation at

Travel time WITH reservation:
3:25 hours

2nd class: around 20 EUR class: around 30 EUR

Route without reservation:
YES is possible

Travel time WITHOUT reservation:
7:15 hours

Paris to Barcelona

From Paris to Barcelona, you can take a direct TGV train. However, you need an expensive seat reservation. A more interesting option is to take the night train from Paris to Latour de Carol, in the middle of the Pyrenees. From there, take the regional train to Barcelona.


By direct TGV train

Paris Gare de Lyon dep 10:14
Barcelona Sants arr 16:54

CHEAPER overnight train

Paris Austerlitz dep 21:14
Latour de Carol arr 09:12

Latour de Carol dep 10:44
Barcelona Sants arr 13:54


Obligation to reserve:
YES on the fast connection.

Train type with reservation obligation:

Buy reservation at
at a railway station in France or Spain

Travel time WITH reservation:
6:40 hours

2nd class: around 30 EUR class: around 45 EUR

Cheaper route by overnight train:
YES via Latour de Carol
Reservation costs: seat from 10 EUR / Couchette from 22 EUR

Travel time by overnight train:
17 hours

What is the Interrail Ticket ?

Interrail is a rail pass that allows you to travel in 33 European countries. One ticket for all countries. Simple and flexible.

Interrail is available in different versions: for a short trip through the capitals of Europe. Or for a month-long trip from north to south and east to west. You can find all ticket variants on this overview page.

Please note:

  • Some trains require an extra seat reservation. These are usually high-speed trains. However, this can often be avoided. Fred will explain how this works.
  • On a night train, you have to reserve your sleeping place or seat, but in return you save the night in a hostel or hotel.
  • Interrail is not valid in your country of residence. However, you have one free exit (outbound) and one free entry (inbound). For transit, you can use the savings fares of the railway companies, for example.

Where to buy Interrail ?

Buy your Interrail ticket directly on the official website. You can get your Interrail ticket as a mobile ticket in the Interrail app. Simple and secure.

In which countries is Interrail valid ?

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.