Interrail Travel Europe by Train

The Interrail Pass to travel Europe by train. We explain you Interrail and give you an overview of prices, travel routes, reservation fees and night trains.

Interrail Overview

Interrail is a rail pass to explore Europe by train: one ticket to use nearly all trains of Europe. We give you an overview of the trains you can use – and for which ones you have to buy  reservations. Interessting Interrail travel routes. How to use night trains and save money for hostels. All the experiences we collcted the past 20 years on the railway tracks of Europe.

information about the discount and how to get it

Interrail Global Pass

Here we explain you the Interrail Global Pass. It is the famous Interrail Pass, existing since more than 40 years (with variations). It allows you to travel in up to 30 countries by train – with only this single rail pass.

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Interrail One Country Pass

The Interrail One Country Pass is your choice if you want to explore only one country. It gives you a lot of freedom and makes it easy to travel without buying each time an extra single train ticket.

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